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Water Sprinkler


A lawn sprinkler startup is the 'opening' of your lawn sprinkler system after it was shut down for the winter months.


During a spring startup, the technician will slowly open the supply valves, run the water, and inspect the lateral lines, backflow device(s), and valve manifold(s) for leaks and damage.  The technician will also check all sprinkler heads for spray direction and coverage and check drip irrigation lines and emitters for proper operation.  In addition, your technician will reprogram the irrigation controller for proper spring settings and watering times.


Backflow preventers ensure that water flowing from your water supply moves in only one direction, out of your home, and never in reverse.  These devices create a one-way gate to stop backflow.  This one-way flow of water is important to ensure that the water supply does not get contaminated in the event of plumbing issues.

Backflow preventers are required on all sprinkler and irrigation systems, and must be properly installed and tested annually.

We provide:

  • Backflow testing and certification

  • Installation and repairs


Maintaining your sprinkler system is essential to keeping your lawn healthy.  If your system is in need of replacing heads, repairing cut/damaged lines, re-configuring zones, changing/upgrading controllers or more, it is important to repair in a timely manner to prevent improper watering.

Whether we installed it or not, our technicians are equipped to diagnose and make any necessary repairs to your irrigation system.


Winterization is the process of removing all water from the pipes, backflow preventer, sprinkler heads and fittings in your irrigation system with a regulated air compressor.  This process will help to ensure the colder temperatures do not cause the irrigation components or piping to expand, freeze or crack leading to extensive damage.

September 15th through November 1st is usually the best time to schedule the winterization of your irrigation system.  Winterizing your system during this time frame is optimal because you want to winterize your sprinkler system BEFORE we experience several days of freezing cold temperatures, specifically below 32 degrees Fahrenheit.

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